Hair Styling Course for Makeup Artists – Starting May 1

Back to basics! Let’s not complicate things. As makeup artists who have not had any salon experience or carried out an apprenticeship, you need to understand the fundamentals of why a hairstyle works. Why you use certain products on certain hair textures, why you blow dry hair and why you use tongs or straighten. We look at different hair textures and hairlines to expand your understanding. How long does your hairstyle have to last, what environment the hair will be exposed to such as humidity and how this impacts the hairstyle. Just some of the many, many questions that go through a hairdressers mind not to mention the most important, does it suit the model!

This course is for makeup artists that want to learn the correct techniques to get the basics right so that you will feel confident in developing your skill set in hair and understanding what it takes to meet certain briefs. You will be made aware of what you need to practice in order to compete in a commercial world. This course is designed to put you on the path and open up more Job opportunities where hair is essential.

This course is designed to teach you the very basics so that you can then practice the techniques on different textures and in different environments to perfect your skills.

During this course you will learn;

  • What products to use and why.
  • How to smooth and straighten hair.
  • Tonging; learn how to put a wave or movement into hair
  • Use different brushes and electrical appliances
  • How to put hair up in an editorial way.
  • Workshops are on a model NOT a head block!

The course will be every Sunday morning, consecutively for 3 weeks. A commitment is required! Giving you a week in between each class to practise what you have learnt – this is important! Remember it’s like learning to drive you have to put in the hours!

If you are in the industry this is a course that will add immense value to your skill set and be a worthwhile investment in your career development. It is also tax-deductible!

To maximise the benefits of these classes the numbers will be kept extremely low, 4 per class to guarantee personalised training.