Hair Styling One Day Course – March 27

Course for qualified hairdressers and those returning back into the industry (must have some basic knowledge/experience).

This comprehensive course is designed to help you perfect and update your styling skill set. You will learn to see and understand different textures and how to manipulate the hair. You’ll learn backstage tips and tricks that will help to speed up and hold your hairstyles in place. These are not just demonstrations but also hands on tutorials practising essential techniques including the following:

  • What products I use and why?
  • Tonging, Curling, waving and putting movement into hair.
  • How to put hair up in an editorial way.
  • Perfecting styling skills including blow dry techniques.
  • Using different brushes and electrical appliances.

Note : Workshops will be with models not head blocks!

If you are in the industry this is a course that will add immense value to your skill set and be a worthwhile investment in your career development. It is also tax-deductible!

To maximise the benefits of these classes the numbers will be kept extremely low, 4 per class to guarantee personalised training.

Bookings will be Limited on a first come basis. A one-off introductory offer of $300 + gst (which includes your styling model). Hours are 9am to 3pm.